As National Walking Month is upon us this May, we’re here to refresh your walkies with our brand-new toys!

With the days getting hotter and hotter, we know the importance of keeping your pooches extra cool, so splashing into action is our brand new range, ‘Hydro’, that aims to keep your pup hydrated during play every day. Plus, these pawsome new toys might be just what you need to make that all im-paw-tent #ChuckitChallenge entry, with toys designed for those that love to chase, tug or chew!


 All of the toys in our brand new Hydro range have our first ever super absorbent foam centre, which has been designed to hold and slowly release cold water during play when the toys are squeezed, tugged or chucked which helps to keep your pooch hydrated on the go during their walkies! For extra fun, you can splash your dog with their toys to engage them with a new sensation whilst keeping them cool. Adding a refreshing twist to some of our best-selling toys, including the Ultra-Ball and Duo Tug, the Hydro range is essential for you and your pooch this Summer. We’ve sniffed out all of the details to help you choose the pawfect one for you.


First up is the HydroSqueeze Ball. Boasting all of the best bits of our best-selling Ultra-Ball, the HydroSqueeze Ball takes on the same appearance, but your pooch is sure to be hydrated with the addition of an absorbent foam centre.



Other additions to the Hydro range include the HydroSqueeze Tug and the HydroSqueeze Bumper to really get you and your pooch bonding. The Tug is designed for the most interactive pooch as you and your pup can play a game of tug and war, of if they have a furry friend, they can play with them too! For those pooches that prefer fetch games, the bumper is paw-fect. They can now even play in their favourite doggy-paddling area to cool off and stay hydrated.

Another cool addition to the Chuckit! ‘Hydro’ range, the HydroFreeze ‘fill and freeze’ ball provides hours of chilled play time for you and your pooch with its internal freezing core which slowly melts over time, releasing hydrating cold water and providing a fun new dynamic to your dog’s favourite fetch games.

To find out where you can get your paws on our products, find your nearest stockist here – and don’t forget to send us any snaps of you and your pooch enjoying National Walking Month for our #ChuckitChallenge competition too!